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Made with all organic, plant based ingredients.

Baked in small batches in Malibu, CA, USA

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Sometimes it can be hard to find the the right treats for your pets that are not only healthy but tasty!  Well, Biscuits in the Bu can take some of the guesswork out of the equation for you by providing a high-quality option!  These biscuits are super healthy!  Some of the nutritional ingredients are coconut flour, chia, flax, hemp, and vegetable broth!  Never any pesticides,  preservatives, color dyes, or  GMOs will ever be found in these treats!!!!  In addition to that, they are very easy on the tummy and skin!  Actually, the recipe was developed for  allergy boy with IBS.

Homemade with love in the BU


Every batch of Artisan Biscuits are freshly baked right at home in Malibu - aka "the Bu".  They may not all look exactly the same, after all, they are homemade.  But one thing you can count on is that all the ingredients will always be the same.  Packed with healthy benefits and yummy taste.  Your pets do not need to be vegan to enjoy these treats.  But why not let your babies reap the healthy benefits of an all natural plant-based treat, without the worry of any allergies or adverse reactions.



Biscuits in the Bu is passionate about all living creatures!  And also very concerned with the environment. We try our best to use all eco friendly packaging!!! In addition to that,  each batch is prepared with LOVE and all positive intentions.  Lots of fun has gone into putting together an assortment of shapes for the biscuits!!!  For example, "Beach day in the BU"  has adorable  palm tree shapes and seems to be just as popular as the surf boards.  Actually,  the sunglasses and flip flops are also a favorite for many.  The "Starry Starry night"  assortment also has adorable stars and crescent moons.  That collections is great for the smaller pups or for training needs.  But the HEARTS are the ones that make everyone smile.  Small and Large they are always in every collection......We just toss a few in for free....Afterall, love is the only thing in this world that is we make sure everyone gets some LOVE.

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